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The l’Eau d’Heure lakes will be hosting a new sports event on Sunday 19 and 20nd September 2020. The Ironlakes Triathlon will host a total of 1800 athletes from two proposed distances, half and full distances. The departure will be located at the Golden Lakes Village where the competitors will start the first race at 7 AM and will perform a 3800-meter swim, a 180-kilometer bike course, and 42- kilometer run. The second race will start at noon and distances will be half measurements. The traffic at the site of the l’Eau d’Heure lakes will be strongly disrupted as the 60 km biking course will be closed or partially closed to the usual traffic from 6 AM until 5 PM.


We invite you to consult the maps below to benefit from all the necessary information regarding the circulation plan that will be placed during the day of the sporting event.


As residents, we invite you to plan your arrangements so that you shall not be surprised by your reduced mobility on Sunday 22ndSeptember 2020. If you live in a place inside or near the course, we invite you to place your vehicle near you but outside the course.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the event. We hope that you will be on the roadside to encourage the amateur athletes who I am sure will provide you with a wonderful show.